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Shannon, 20, England. Strong feelings of admiration and lust for Aaron Ramsey, Cesc Fabregas, Sebastian Vettel and Jack Wilshere. Marco Reus too... that damn fucker with his hair. Gooner, Whovian, Cumberbitch, Mishamigo. Part of the Rihanna Navy, Directioner, a Smiler and a Katy Kat.

Marco walked down the stairs carefully. (笑

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30/07/14 Marco training in Bad Ragaz Day 2

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Hot Footballers: Olivier Giroud [3/??]

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Mathieu Debuchy of Arsenal during a training session on July 30, 2014 in Bad Waltersdorf, Austria

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Painted my nails. #pink #colour #nailpolish #nailvarnish

Painted my nails. #pink #colour #nailpolish #nailvarnish

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Twin Royals - Chapter 4 - Grumpy Sex

Grumpy wouldn’t even cover the mood I’m in. It’s been a week of heaven between Marco since the Midwife came but today I woke up with one thing in mind, staying the fuck away from everyone else. Marco had sensed it as soon as we woke up. I shrugged off his cuddles in bed which all week I’d been happily accepting. He tried for all of thirty seconds to get me into a cuddle before swiftly getting out of bed and letting me lie in by myself.

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Anonymous asked: The story of Mario Götze is freaking awesome! 👌✌️


Fanks :)

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mintiscream asked: What's your career goal after college?



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Marco Reus - Dortmund, Germany



Marco Reus - Dortmund, Germany


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Thiago Messi & smilies

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strangerinspectrum asked: What do you think about the rumours of Marco to Bayern/Barca/Liverpool/Man U?



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